About Bonanza Concrete

Bonanza Concrete's location in Van Nuys has been producing concrete since the 1940's but it has not always been under the same name. Four other companies have run their operations here but none as long as Bonanza!

Bonanza Concrete was opened in 1964 by Theron Bohannon. He chose the name after the TV show "Bonanza" that aired that same year. In June of 1975, Bonanza Concrete was sold to Robert Haigh. The Haigh family continues to operate the company to this day; still hanging on as one of the last remaining, independent, ready-mix concrete companies left in Southern California. Bonanza's continued success is made possible only by its outstanding employees and its devoted and loyal customer base.

Bonanza Concrete also has truck rentals available for the Film and Television Industry, It has been featured in Hancock and in National Chevrolet truck ads.

Our Truck featured in "Hancock "

Thank you to those we have worked for and worked with for so many years!!

John Haigh (President)
Team Member
since 1977
Jimmy Rickart Jr.
Team Member since 1985 
Ron Gomez
Team Member since 1987
Rex Moore
Team Member since 1987
Clint Hays
Team Member
since 2000

Pete Keefrider
Team Member since 2002
Rogelio Roa
Team Member since 2005
Jose Ayala
Team Member since 2006

Mike Quiroga
Team Member
since 2006
Richard Abrams
Team Member
since 1986
Karla Truitt
Team Member since 2005

Frank Menicola
Team Member since 2007

Ed Kramer (mechanic)
Mechanic Team Member since 1995